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« TAAL TARANG » - the rhythmic waves, the background on which, like watermarks,the infinite rhythimc patters of Kathak dance and tablas emerge. It is also the sweet intoxciation of a pulse or an air that remains in our heart, after the magic of a show.


PHOTO: RASSA - Theatre Sainte Marguerite, Marseille - Copyright Sophie Doloir
RASSA - Theatre Sainte Marguerite, Marseille - © Sophie Doloir


Gathered around the artist couple like Maitryee Mahatma and Nabankur Bhattacharya, the TAAL TARANG was created in 2010 under the name of Jhankar.The Jhankar has carried out many projects: 


Rassa (2010) which explores a new musical space around the ancestral art of  Kathak dance , l'Offrande lyrique (2012) created on the initiative of Christan Fromentin, around the Indian poet Rabindranath Tagore, Chrysalide (2013) conceived by Belgian author-composer Reynald Halloy , Durga c'est Moi (2014) initiative conceptualized by Maitryee Mahatma and produced in collaboration with Geneva guitarist Marc Liebeskind  and virtuoso violinist Sukhdev Prasad Mishra.


PHOTO : TARANA - Salle Molière, Musiekpubliques - Brussels
TARANA - Salle Molière, Musiekpubliques - Brussels

In 2016, supported by the association TAAL TARANG -Indian Arts Academy, Jhankar changes its name.Since then, it has been known as TAAL TARANG. This ensemble has produced  Ashtanayikas – the eight faces of the woman in love (2016)  in collaboration with artists from India and students of the TAAL TARANG associaton.Spectacle produced at the Cité de la Musique of Marseille, on the occasion of the national event "Namasté France" oraganized by the Embassy of India.

PHOTO : ALTER EGO - La Meson, Marseille
ALTER EGO - La Meson, Marseille


In 2017, the encounter of Maitryee Mahatma and Nabankur Bhattarcharya along with the flamenco dancer Sarah Moha gives birth to the hybrid project Alter-Ego (2017) which is a dialogue between Kathak and Flamenco. After seven years of quest that pushes the two artists to go to the frontiers of thier respective arts,2018 marks the rejoicing of the return to tradition with Tarana (2018) project, a Kathak project par excellence,with artists Madhubanti Sarkar and Nazar Khan, presented at the Salle Molière in Belgium with guest Bert Cornellis. This project has also been programmed at the Mehfil Festival and the Mars en Baroque Festival.

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